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China has a variety of temperature and rainfall zones, including continental monsoon areas. In winter most areas become cold and dry, therefore you need to check the climate of your destination when planning your travel packages to China, and then see what kind of clothes you require.

Beijing can be quite cold in winter (below zero, snow); Shanghai, which is on the ocean, is a bit warmer than Beijing but cooler than more southerly Hong Kong; and Hong Kong; can be pleasant or chilly depending on the weather pattern, or the specific time of year.

Heating is an issue in China and the winters are damn cold and damp here, especially in Suzhou. If you’ve ever been to San Francisco in the winter, it’s like that only worse. You are going to be cold all the time so bring quality sweaters and thick pants.

If traveling on China tour packages in the winter, bring warm clothes. Northern China has cold winters, and many buildings in southern China are not heated during the winter. Overcoat, thick woolen sweaters, lined coats, cap, gloves and cotton-padded shoes are required.

During your China holiday package it is advisable to wear layers of garments, normally, thermal or silk underwear with a sweater and padded jacket outside. In cool or uncertain weather, it is better to wear several layers of clothing instead of one bulky outer garment. For instance, wear a sweater on top of a shirt on top of a turtleneck.

Pack coats made of fur, wool, or other insulating materials. Unfortunately, these coats can be bulky, heavy, and expensive. You may be better off purchasing a good quality down coat that can be flattened to fit into your luggage. Any coat you do buy should be longer than waist length and windproof.

Don’t Forget a Hat. The traditional Chinese Northeastern-style fur hat complete with ear flaps doesn’t only represent a funny stereotype; they are designed to protect the wearer’s head and ears from the bitter cold weather. Choose a hat for its practical qualities. You may find that the traditional style hat, or a version of it, offers both protection and style… once you get used to how you look in the mirror.

Pack a good pair of warm, comfortable and waterproof boots or shoes, walking shoes, running shoes, hiking-type boots or maybe dressy shoes for formal occasions on your China tour.

Purchase well-insulated gloves made of quality materials that fit well and cover the wrists.

A woolen scarf tucked into your coat can protect your neck and throat and block chilly winds. It is better to have a coat with a high collar than to depend upon a scarf to protect your neck from the cold, but if you don’t have a coat with a high collar, bring along a scarf that is long and warm enough to be useful against the weather.

Do not pack important items unprotected; put them into a waterproof bag to prevent damage.