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India is an international hot spot for tourists who enjoy basking in rich culture, history and sizzling temperatures.  Cheap travel to India is available all year round, but if you’re planning to head to country during the summer months, it’s best to choose your destinations wisely. Be sure to plan your trip well in advance and select the best destinations in India that bearing in the hotter months. Here are some helpful tips to beat the heat whilst travelling.

1. Pick the right destination.

India is renowned for its picturesque locations and mountain cities which are ideal places to explore in the summer season. Approximately 2/3rds of the Himalayas are located in the Nilgiris (south) which act as a perfect refuge from the soaring heat of the plains. The desert state called Rajasthan, has a beautiful hill-station known as Mount Abu, located in the oldest mountain range in the world, which is a popular choice for tourists escaping the heat in the summer. Temperatures in India can reach above 40C between the months of May – July in many parts of central India, so picking the right destination can make or break your trip.

2. Stay hydrated by drinking water – lots of it.

Be sure you have a a constant supply of bottled water on hand to avoid dehydration and never drink the tap water. Avoid soda, alcoholic beverages and caffeine products as they cause dehydration.

3.Apply loads of sunscreen to protect your skin.

4.Dress appropriately.

Wear loose-fitted, light coloured clothing. Cotton is a great fabric to wear during the summer months as it allows your skin to breathe. Be sure to wear a hat or bandanna.

5. Be cautious about your eating habits.

Light, healthy foods are your best option in the hot temperatures of an Indian summer. Try to avoid oily snacks, spicy foods and foods containing proteins. Vegetables, seasonal fruits,  and salads are the best foods to eat. Add yoghurt to your meals as it assists with cooling down the body and acts as a stomach stabiliser.

6. Let your feet breathe.

Flip flops are ideal for hot weather, but may only be suitable when going for short walks. Sports shoes are your best option when you’re out exploring the delights of India in the hotter months.

7. Choose the right place.

In India, some places can be unbearably hot; avoid such places and choose cool hill stations instead.

8. Plan your day well.

By setting out early in the morning, you can avoid the heat in the middle of the day. Try to see the sites in the earlier hours, and take a nap or relax in the comfort of your accommodation during the hotter hours in the middle of the day. This will ensure you’re refreshed for the evening.

9. Don’t forget your sunglasses.

You can suffer from terrible headaches in summers and sunglasses will protect your eyes from the glaring heat.

10. Pay attention to how you’re feeling.

If you feel dizzy, don’t ignore it as something ‘normal.’ If you feel nauseous or have thrown up, visit a doctor and stay well hydrated.