Photo Credit: The Daily Mail

Toilet Cafes in China Craze

Toilet cafes have recently descended on China and have enjoyed fast growing popularity and success. The toilet cafes in China sees people perching on toilet-like seats and enjoying meals served in bidets in cities around China including Chongqing, Shanghai, Kunming and Hangzhou. This new phenomenon provides visitors with a truly unique China experience.

The toilet cafes in China feature decor is much like what you expect to find in a real bathroom; shower heads, toilets used as seating arrangements, sink and bidet shaped dishes and toilet rolls alining the walls. Tables have been thoughtfully crafted from converted sinks and food such as ice-cream and desserts often come in toilet inspired shapes and colours – enhancing the overall bathroom themed eatery experience.

The toilets used as seating have no practical use (for which they were intended at least). Ironically, many restaurants in China do not have lavatory facilities inside the premises, and a toilet themed cafe is no exception. Patrons in China are required to frequent the public lavatories located in the street outside the restaurant.

The ‘More Than Toilet’ restaurant in Shanghai stands out by serving unnervingly realistic looking curls of brown ice cream in toilet-shaped dishes and small model toilets. It’s quirky establishments like this make a China tour all the more appealing to visitors as the trend sweeps the country.

Another restaurant chain, known as Modern Toilet in Taiwan, is a very popular choice amongst the Chinese. The ice cream palor chain was established in Taiwan in 2004, and is renowned for serving ice cream inside toilet shaped bowls. Its success had seen it expand quickly, and is now available throughout Asia and offers lunch, dinner and dessert options.

Rather than being put off by the toilet theme d├ęcor, the trend seems to be spreading and toilet themed restaurants are sprouting up in a number of countries.